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235 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110


We cut all of our meat the old-fashioned way, with a handsaw, a meat cleaver, and a boning knife.


At Avedano’s we know that sourcing is everything. We only cut the freshest,
most delicious, sustainable, local meat. We are proud of our products and excited to
share them with you!


If you haven’t tried our house-made jerky, tuscan pork, bacon, smoked pork chops, sausages, marinades, sandwiches . . . well, the list goes on. Basically, If you haven’t tasted our signature products yet, you haven’t fully experienced delicious.


Avedano’s Meats has been serving sunny Bernal Heights since 2007. We love our customers and our community. Stop in and say “Hi” today.


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To our beloved Bernal Community and Beyond,

As we sat down to gather our thoughts for this letter, we watched a Good Eggs Truck deliver groceries across the street from us. It felt like perfect timing to be face to face with the new reality of how SF buys groceries, consumes food, and eats while we grappled with how to put to words our goodbye love letter.

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close Avedano’s on ​Sunday June 30th after 12 years in business. Our small meat shop opened on July 15 2007 and it has been an honor to serve our customers and to watch the community grow and change. Our initial goal of connecting Bernal and beyond to small farms has resulted in close friendships and the ability to directly bring over 5 million in profits to small farms in our 13 years of business. We have watched babies be born, people move away or pass, new business add to the neighborhood, but we have also had to accept that the landscape of the city and the food industry has shifted making it impossible for a small business like ours to survive. We are an old fashioned business in a high tech society and to top it off, our building shows our history and its age.

Our building, and the building next door which houses our private dining room (the Udder Room), our kitchen, bathroom and general storage and production space, have been sold. Our rent has more than doubled and we are unclear of how the planned demolition and rebuilding will impact our overall business and infrastructure. This major blow coupled with the steady crisis growing in finding solid labor who can afford to live in a city not made for diversity in class has resulted in this hard decision. We have withstood the drought, increased operating costs, many changing trends in food, break-ins, building repair, etc., but we feel that our bodies and minds can no longer go on.

It has been a privilege to serve the community for so long and we hope to continue the dialogue around food justice and delicious food preparation over the next couple months. Come by and grab a smokey moe or a house-smoked pork chop and say hello and see you later to us!

We are open to having dialogue about possible solutions and ways that our small meat shop could survive and thrive. It will take community engagement, outside the box thinking, money, time, and energy, but we have lots of love and recognize that this current chapter of Avedano’s has come to an end. Yet, it doesn’t have to be the end of a small butcher shop in your community. Let’s engage and talk--we have always valued the conversations and connections formed over our butcher counter.

We know solutions and ideas will appear and that Avedano’s or some iteration of it may continue. We hope that new energy and love will appear. ​If someone wants to continue this tradition with an incredible historic shop as your ship to steer--inquire, ask, let’s find a way to make this happen!

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