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We cut all of our meat the old-fashioned way, with a handsaw, a meat cleaver, and a boning knife.


At Avedano’s we know that sourcing is everything. We only cut the freshest,
most delicious, sustainable, local meat. We are proud of our products and excited to
share them with you!


If you haven’t tried our house-made jerky, tuscan pork, bacon, smoked pork chops, sausages, marinades, sandwiches . . . well, the list goes on. Basically, If you haven’t tasted our signature products yet, you haven’t fully experienced delicious.


Avedano’s Meats has been serving sunny Bernal Heights since 2007. We love our customers and our community. Stop in and say “Hi” today.


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To our beloved Bernal Community and Beyond,

It is with great hope in our hearts that we write you this letter to update you on what has transpired since we informed you that we were closing our doors on June 30th. The past 6 weeks have been filled with swamis, snakes and an outpouring of support, sadness and conversation about Avedano’s role in people’s individual lives, the community and in the larger conversation about food systems and small businesses.

We are very excited to announce that we manifested a way to continue to operate. We will close as originally planned on June 30th to do some infrastructure changes and to prepare our shop for the next chapter. We will re-open on Sunday, September 1st. Come join us for our re-opening party.

We are all in a battle for our food systems. We recognize that in order to be an effective change agent in the system, we need to exist, thrive and help steer the course for how folks eat in this new climate. It is exciting to be able to continue our mission of supporting local small farms, but we know the conversation needs to expand into further focus on food consumption and waste. Eat less meat, pay more for high quality, support the workers from the bottom to the top are core pieces of our vision--having a balanced diet along with a balanced lifestyle is key to sustainability and health. The conversation about finding ways to create less waste and consume less fits into the larger conversations about consumption, our impacts on our bodies, our earth and land and the choices we make each day. We have become an unbalanced city--the quality of life in SF is declining. We spend more time getting to work, to school, more money to do the things we all need to do. While we feel optimistic about being able to regroup and restructure to ensure our survival, we recognize it doesn’t truly solve the issues we spoke about in our initial letter. San Francisco is facing a small business crisis where we have sacrificed convenience over community. While many folks are thriving, it is clear the wealth is not evenly distributed amongst the city. We need to be having truthful conversations about how much we waste with our convenience (Amazon packaging anyone?), how we consume when we are divided from the creator of the product, how our streets have become congested with delivery trucks, and whether this new world we’ve supported has left us better off or more disconnected. What are we losing and sacrificing with all the convenience and quick food and meal delivery?

The City needs to come up with a comprehensive plan as to what it’s going to do for small businesses and for the vanishing way of life in SF. It’s up to the community to support small stores, but also for the larger conversation to focus on why the same people who live in the city feel unable to also support it, to support their neighbors and to feel the bandwidth in their pocketbooks and calendars.

Next steps:
How to move forward and help be part of the solution:

    • Write a letter to Mayor London Breed--demand she focus her energy on supporting small local businesses as much as she does for large tech companies.
    • Support Butcher Shops and other small food producers. Be willing to pay for high quality and consume less.
    • Education--read, consume information rather than material goods. Talk and spread the word to your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers.
    • Evaluate your choices and actions--be truthful about what your values are and what kind of city you want to grow in--we vote with our mouths each day

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