At Avedano’s, we love community supported agriculture. In fact it’s what we do. Buying from local farms helps us ALL support better food systems by giving local farms business they need. Meat and produce boxes are just another way we can supply our customers with the quality and service we are passionate about from a source we believe in.

Meat Boxes

Please call to place your order: 415-285-MEAT (6328). Orders must be placed by Friday at 5pm to ensure pick-up for the following Friday. All Boxes will be ready for pick-up on Fridays from 11 to 8.

No substitutions, please.

3lbs Lamb Roast
3lbs Pork Loin Chops
3lbs Eye of Round
3lbs Sausage
5 lbs Ground Beef
5lbs Bones

2lbs Dry Aged, Bone-In Steak
1 ea. Tri Tip
1½ lb Flat Iron Steak
3lbs Pork Ribs
3lbs Sausage
2 Marinated half Chickens
4lbs Ground Beef
House Made Spice Rub

3lbs Grass Pastured Lean Ground Beef
2 Porterhouse Chops
4lbs London Broil
2 Marinated half Chickens
4lbs Roast Beef OR
2lbs Pork Loin Roast