Feast With Us For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again, time to eat, drink and be merry. Gathering in celebration with friends, family or co-workers over a meal is just one way we honor our relationships and connections with those we love.  And what better way to eat and drink sumptuously than with a meat lavished fete′ at Avedano’s.

You may not even know that Avedano’s has a private dining room. If you have ever shopped with us or ordered an exceptional cut of meat for a special occasion, you’ve walked right by it! If you are looking for a special dining experience, join us by booking your holiday party with Avedano’s in The Udder Room.

udder room

Here are some frequently asked questions:

The Udder Room is the perfect place to host your holiday party, birthday party or business meeting. Our banquet room is hands down the most unique private dining space in San Francisco;  an intimate room with the ambiance of a quirky meat-scented speakeasy and private access for you and your guests.

We serve only the best quality local meats, grilled simply and served perfectly. We are proud to highlight the quality of our house-aged beef along side local vegetables and light, simple salads. It is our pleasure to work with you to tailor a menu that you and your guests will love and remember for years to come.  

How many people can The Udder Room accommodate? 25 people for a seated dinner and 45 for appetizers.

What is the cost for booking The Udder Room? The Udder Room has a Food and Beverage Minimum of $1500. The price per guest for our Butcher’s Dinner Menu is $75 per guest, for a three course, family style dinner showcasing our dry-aged local beef.

Additional courses such as house-made pate, cheese and charcuterie, caviar or beef crudo can be added as starters.

I see that the FAB minimum is $1500, what if I only have 10 guests attending? We will enhance your meal with decadent menu items like beef crudo, caviar and cheese. 

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? Absolutely! Our chefs will be happy to accommodate you.

How much is the deposit to secure a reservation? We take a $500 deposit upon booking and signing of our private dining contract.  

How long can we use the room for our party? The Udder Room is available for you and your guests from 6pm to 11pm.

If you are interested in booking the room for a meeting or class, we are happy to work with you to accommodate your specific needs.

Email us at udderroom.avedanos@gmail.com for inquiries and booking


House Hogs | Mangalitsa & Berkshire now available

We are proud to now offer pork from House Hogs farm in Davis, CA. House Hogs is a family owned and run farm that specializes in Mangalitsa and Berkshire breeds of pork.

About House Hogs:

Our Hogs are systematically rotated around our 40 acre CCOF certified organic farm, living their entire lives upon lush pasture.  Daily grazing upon a diverse plethora of vegetation beneath our old growth walnut forest, the hogs forage through clovers, beans, peas, vetch, oats, grasses and walnuts that fall from the trees. These are the treasures that our pigs enjoy rooting with snouts free of rings or clips.

Organic Diet – In addition to pasture, the herds are supplemented with milled wheat and barley soaked in organic whey from Cowgirl Creamery. Pumpkins, tomatoes, melons and many other types of organic produce we obtain from neighboring farms such as Eatwell Farms, Durst Organics, and Capay Organics are fed to the pigs.

No GMO or Antibiotics – We abstain from feeding corn or any other GMO crops, we never use antibiotics, growth hormones or synthetic wormers of any kind. We never clip teeth, dock tails, or use rings to prevent rooting. All of these humane practices provide our hogs with stress-free lives according to their natural behavior.

House Hogs Spare RibsHouse Hogs TrotterHouse Hogs butchery

Photo Credit: Jason Wilcox, one of our butchers at Avedano’s shares these beautiful pictures of his afternoon butchering a hog from House Hogs in Davis.

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4th of July Avedano’s Signature Burger Blends

Fulfill your Fourth of July Hamburger Fantasies at Avedano’s

We know that you want fireworks from your Fourth of July grilling meats, and when we say sparkle, what we mean is juicy. delicious. hamburgers. The kind that make you close your eyes bite after bite and think “Mmmmm, thats a damn good &*#$% burger! Wait, it’s almost gone (frowny face)”

This weekend to celebrate our country’s independence, the butcher block at Avedano’s has crafted three signature burger blends for you and a contest that will make you feel like a real winner. Burger blend patties will be ready for pre-order or in store purchase July 3rd through the weekend. Call ahead to pre-order 415-285-6328

Avedano’s Signature Burger Blends

  • Shitake Mushroom Truffle Shallot Burger
  • Jalapeño Cheddar Cilantro Burger
  • Bacon Burger Blend
Spend $25 dollars at Avedano’s this week and you can be automatically entered to win an Avedano’s Burger Pack for four people. 

Avedano’s Burger Pack #WINNING

Four perfect, delicious hamburger patties of your choice
Four Brioche Hamburger buns
Edmund Fallot Basil Mustard
Sosu Sirachup
Four bags of Route 66 potato chips of your choosing
Four slices of swiss cheese
Lettuce and tomato
2 pounds of house made bacon
Avedanos Meat Boxes, whole animal butchers, local meat, local people, butchers guild members

Meat Boxes | The Griller

  • THE GRILLER 20lbs for $185

    2lbs Dry Aged, Bone-In Steak
    1 ea. Tri Tip
    1½ lb Flat Iron Steak
    3lbs Pork Ribs
    3lbs Sausage
    3lbs Marinaded 1/2 Chickens
    4lbs Ground Beef
    House Made Spice Rub

Product of the Week

Come by and pick up a delicious Poco Dolce tile from the counter at Avedano’s. If grabbing a quick chocolate toffee treat on your way home to cook dinner isn’t a decadent way of saying “Hey you, thanks for being you!” we don’t know what is. Treat yourself.