We are now accepting pre-orders for our delicious Thanksgiving Turkeys. We strongly suggest that you pre-order your turkey, as supplies will be limited and we are likely to sell out in advance of Thanksgiving.

Heritage Black Turkeys from Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms is a leader of sustainable and regenerative farming in North Carolina. We’ve decided to partner with them because of their commitment to heritage genetics, regenerative practices, and vertical integration. They prove year-over-year that they are one of the best producers of heritage genetics in the nation and when given the opportunity we always prefer to work with farmers and producers who process by hand in their own plant. Joyce Farms does not use antibiotics, hormones or steroids, animal by products, or artificial ingredients. Their air-chilled Spanish Black Heritage Turkeys are raised on pasture their entire life and grow slowly over 24 weeks. These birds are direct descendants of wild turkeys and therefore grow slower, develop more flavor, and have a body composition that would allow the bird to survive in the wild. Big legs, small breasts, and large wings (they can run and fly whereas the white broad breasted cannot). These turkeys are a real treat for those who love to eat and are driven by a pursuit of flavor.

The price per pound for Spanish Black Turkey is $8.99

Ferndale Market Turkeys from Keller Crafted Meats

Ferndale turkeys grow in free-range environment with plenty of room to roam outdoors. In summer months, they live completely on pasture and are rotated to new grass each week. During cold months the Ferndale turkeys live indoors in houses with constant access to generous outdoor yards with grasses and fresh air.

The turkeys are never administered antibiotics or growth promotants and are raised in an environment that maintains turkey health without medications. They are provided custom feed and are humanely and naturally processed under close supervision.

The price per pound for Ferndale Market Turkeys is $5.99


You can pick up your Turkey on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Additionally, we can prepare your bird for you as follows:

  • Spatchcockingremoving the backbone — for an additional fee of $10
  • Deboning for an additional fee of $40
  • Turchettaan Avedano’s specialty where we debone the entire bird and tie it up with yummy seasonings — for an additional fee of $95
  • Brine & Smoke any turkey for additional fee of $100

Please call the shop —415-285-MEAT (6328)— to reserve your bird today.

And don’t forget to stock up on other premium Thanksgiving needs including:

  • Turkey stock — $9.99/ quart
  • Turkey gravy — $15.99/ quart
  • Brine kit — $8.99/ each