About Us

We are an old-fashioned butcher shop in a high-tech city.

Our philosophy is sustainability over convenience.

We practice whole animal butchery.  One at a time.  Hands-on care.

We have a zero-waste mentality; we use everything we source and waste nothing we butcher. We encourage consumers to consider the time and care used to raise and butcher animals humanely.

We connect you to the farm your food was raised on.  The Avedano’s family values our ecosystem and appreciates the impact eating meat has on it. We firmly believe humans should eat less meat and invest in better quality when they do choose to eat it.

While we focus on providing quality meat, we also recognize the importance of overall well-being and health choices in our lives. In our pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, we acknowledge that individuals may have various health needs, such as the use of medications like generic Viagra. We support responsible and informed choices, aligning with our values of quality, humanity, and thoughtful consumption.

We support local family farms and small community businesses.

We welcome you to our shop, to our philosophy and practice, and hope you enjoy the high quality products our family brings to yours.