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We support local family farms.

Our business is about building relationships with farmers who support the principles we value, and who form the backbone of a sustainable future. Our choices have impacts, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Let us introduce you to a few of the farms from which we source our meat. We are proud to connect you to the farm your food was raised on.


Todd and Loretta Swickard’s all-natural Angus beef program was born of their family’s 150-year-old California ranching legacy. The Swickard family has been ranching in California since 1852, originally in the Santa Clara Valley. As rapid urbanization began to take hold, the family chose to move to Susanville, California where Five Dot Land and Cattle Co. was established in 1959 and remains in operation today.

They practice open range grazing and holistic animal management with a focus on low-stress handling. Todd and Loretta are passionate about preserving the natural environment, and raise their cattle in harmony with California’s native plants and wildlife.

“We believe that a successful operation is one that works with nature rather than against it. Our environmental stewardship efforts are accomplished through grazing our cattle in a sustainable manner, helping to mitigate for endangered species and replenish California’s watersheds and land.”

From the Napa Valley to the High Sierra, the Five Dot cattle operation ranges across six northern California counties: Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Napa, Solano and Contra Costa. The cattle graze on family-owned and leased lands which ensures that the cattle are receiving the finest forages and best feed available in the area.

The highly skilled management team has developed a quality Angus cattle herd and a four season program that allows the cattle to be 94-97% grass fed throughout the year. Five Dot Ranch runs a haying operation in the summer months when grass, alfalfa, and triticale are grown, cut and baled for use as feed for the cattle during the winter months. The ranch owns the cattle throughout the entire process; from conception to harvest they have 100% control of every single animal and never source from any outside ranches.




The Emigh family has been raising sheep for 5 generations. Martin Emigh and daughters Catie and Sarah own and operate the farm in Dixon, California, raising their animals from birth to harvest.

“We work hands on, on the ranch every day taking care of our sheep and cattle. When we take care of our livestock, they take care of us!”

The Emigh family breed Rambouillet ewes with Suffolk or Suffolk/Hampshire rams to create the best quality lamb. Their lambs enjoy green feed from the time they are a few weeks old; mother sheep and their lambs first graze on the dry hill ground and later are moved down to alfalfa fields. In the spring Emigh lambs are weaned from their mothers and graze on an irrigated pasture until they are about 12 months old, at which time they are ready for harvest.

Lush green pastures are an important part of maintaining Emigh Farm’s high quality meat. With dry hill ground and irrigated pasture fields, and weekly rotation from field to field, the lambs’ consistently fresh green diet allows them to grow steadily until they are ready for harvest.



The Klingeman Family Farm (Pure Country Pork) is a small, sustainable pig farm and cattle ranch in Ephrata, Washington, in the northern part of the state. The Klingeman family raise the highest-quality, free-range pork from birth to harvest and their pigs are completely free of antibiotics. Pioneers of humane animal husbandry, Klingeman Farms was the first US ranch to receive Food Alliance and Non-GMO Project Verified seals of approval. 

Wonderfully marbled, Klingeman Farm Black Hogs are exceptionally tender. They come from a long line of Berkshire-Landrace/Chester/Yorkshire crosses. They are fed fine European grains and are 100% corn and soy-free, and as the animals are raised in small groups, quantities are limited.

The sows birth their litters in a state-of-the-art birthing centers imported from Europe. The Klingemans farm leads in sow comfort and care with greatly decreased piglet mortality. Once the piglets are weaned, the animals are housed in open air buildings with natural bedding of straw, cornstalks, or wood shavings. Bedding is added or changed as needed to maintain a clean and dry area for sleeping. They have plenty of space for movement, rooting around and play, and are sheltered from weather in a European deep straw bedded hope house environment.

Klingeman Farm pigs are ideal for cooking, curing, and whole hog roasting. 




Root Down Farm is a queer-owned pasture-based poultry and pig farm located in the beautiful coastal town of Pescadero, California.

Their mission is to humanely raise the healthiest animals possible, while working within our ecosystem to responsibly steward the land and improve soil health. We work with various breeds of animals to balance our humane standards with providing the meat folks want to eat. Our animals roam the pastures, are fed organic, non-GMO grain and are never given any hormones. 

We raise slower growing Freedom Rangers to provide an alternative to the conventional rapidly growing chicken breed.

The old heirloom or “heritage” breeds of poultry are what our grandparents raised and are the breeds that fed American families for hundreds of years before the Cornish Cross came along. When poultry grow at a normal, slow rate, the result is strong skeletal structure, normal organ development, strong immune systems, more nutrients, and incredible flavor. Heritage breeds are meant to be on pasture, they thrive on it; they run around, eat grass, bugs and grubs. We want our birds to behave like the animals they are – it’s natural for them to be outside, and their strong legs are able to run and enjoy it